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What city does Floyd move to?
What's the name of the Halloween-themed song Tracy recorded?
What is the name of Kenneth's deceased parakeet?
What does Jack have a collection of?
What is Dennis' job?
What is the name of the reality show the writers are obsessed with watching?
What is the name of the Janis Joplin themed movie that Jenna is starring in?
What does Liz say her name is in the urban chat-line commercial?
What is the name of the movie that Jenna stars in that no one can understand the name of?
What is the name of the imitation Cheetos that Liz eats?
When Liz thinks her neighbor is a terrorist, what is he actually making a video for?
Who calls Liz the 'C' word?
What is the name of the rapper that Tracy has a feud with?
What is Jenna's catchphrase after she gains weight?
Where did Liz and Jenna meet?
What is the name of the doctor that everyone on the show goes to?
In Season 2 Episode 8, what does Jenna say she is going to get whitened?
What is the name of Jenna's song that's a hit in Israel and Belgium?
What is the name of Tracy's movie where he plays a ninja?
Where did Toofer go to college?
What musical did Jenna star in that caused her to gain weight?

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