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Say hello to sunshine; wake up, you're baptized.
But somehow, he must've been predicting the fall.
It's dirt beneath your fingertips, it hurts too much to wait for this.
Gasoline in a pistol, blood filling the bathtub.
This man is using his mind as a weapon.
So I swim in a sea of distress, broken down and helpless.
She found a book that writes itself that plays it upon a stage over and over again.
Bones, skin, nails, and flesh on a bed of a lack of passion; a medieval consequence.
This body, cold and contageous, buried with your face down.
Sinking quicksand eyes makes for heavy sigh.
Swallow placebo and the mountain gets steeper.
Glamour in hand to defend this, my only body stance.
Miles of conviction carry the weight of all your own mistakes.
I wrote it down in blood: 'Never forget, my love.'

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