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So I swim in a sea of distress, broken down and helpless.
But somehow, he must've been predicting the fall.
Miles of conviction carry the weight of all your own mistakes.
Say hello to sunshine; wake up, you're baptized.
Gasoline in a pistol, blood filling the bathtub.
This man is using his mind as a weapon.
Glamour in hand to defend this, my only body stance.
I wrote it down in blood: 'Never forget, my love.'
Swallow placebo and the mountain gets steeper.
This body, cold and contageous, buried with your face down.
Sinking quicksand eyes makes for heavy sigh.
She found a book that writes itself that plays it upon a stage over and over again.
It's dirt beneath your fingertips, it hurts too much to wait for this.
Bones, skin, nails, and flesh on a bed of a lack of passion; a medieval consequence.

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