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' Coming to a theater near you... '
What he says to his maternal parent.
Says this when trying to make a decision.
His dad always has a sack of _____ in the house.
' I'd ____ ____, but I just dont have the time, you know, with the SATs and stuff. '
' Hey Getzoff, it's Jared, uh, you want to... '
' Oh, I have a _____ _____ in my room? '
His mom says this as soon as you walk into the house.
' I wanted a new ____, so I figured I'd get one that is exactly the same, only a different color. '
Everytime he makes a stupid comment he always starts it off by saying these two words.
' I'd drive to school, but I'm...'
'I keep my money in a ____ ____ in my sock drawer.'
'Yes! Now that I'm 18, I can finally buy ______.'
'Guys it's alright. He ______ before he started driving, so there's no way it would affect him.'
'Wait, so you went 3 weeks without _______? I can't even last a day without doing it!'

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