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This is Ray and Don's friend, what the heck is his name though?
The gang like to hide away in here.
Ray carried Suki all the way to the nurse's office after she stood in ____
On his Birthday, Ian's mom says What?
In the show who develops a crush on Suki, once he finds out Ian likes her?
Gabe, while Rook recruitment dressed as who while he was cleaning the floor?
who was C.J. partnered with on the field trip?
Emerson is a walking microscope, whats his last name?
The note 'I'm scared to' was written by who?
The thief in the episode Monitored was Gabe's roommate _____.
The person who skydived onto campus was who?
Ray was penalized in Rush Ball for aiming where at Ian?
What was stolen from Fenton Capwell in Monitered?
Who else besides Ian has Preflex?

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