Mundane Band Names

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Band's that were unfortunately demoted due to their, not as interesting, alternative name.

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HintAnswer# of Words
3 Hours and 18 Minutes and to Mars4
The Stationary Stones3
Staring Contest-1822
Maroon 2 ½ 2
Nine Centimeter Nails3
Proceed in a Calm Manner! At the Disco4
Avenged (like) Fourfold2
My Chemical Just Friends3
HintAnswer# of Words
Just A Peck on the Cheek1
Annoyed With the Machine4
Vampire Weekday2
The Semi-American Rejects4
The Smashing Squashes3
Imagine Lizards2
Mild Tempered Chili Peppers4
Water Pistols N' Roses3

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