Which Degrassi Character Am I?

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Name the Degrassi Season Ten Characters.

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I reluctantly went to the dance with Fitz
I'm a recovering alcoholic
I made Drew zip up my jacket
I published a comic book
I made a post-it-note start a revolution
I auditioned twice for a singing competiotion
My purse was stolen by a runaway
I made out with the girl who stole my watch
I tasered my best friend
I seranaded my girlfriend at a school dance
My brother beat up a boy for me
I'm homophobic...and gay
I have a crush on my moms doctor
I bought the expansion pack of a game with a creeper
My girlfriend thought I cheated on her with a girl named Tinsley
I stole $2,000 from my best friend
I handcuffed myself to a girl
I touched Clare's 'new' boobs
I damaged my arch enemy's car
I was thrown into a dumpster, on the way to meet my boyfriend

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