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____ danced alone at a football game.
____ joined her first.
She went to Vegas night with____.
Who kicked ____ in his 'area'.
Who's girlfriend ____ set off a stink bomb.
She used to date ____
who is now dating ____.
Who found out she was pregnant, while she was with ____.
Who's brother, the class president, is dating ____.
She is still madly in love with ____.
His sister ____ is in love with someone.
She loves ____.
Who's old best friend was ____.
Her sassy gay friend ____
is in love with ____.
He's on the football team with a guy named ____.
Who with the assistance of ____ threw Adam out of the bathroom.
Who was given a fake ID by ____.
His bestfriend is ____
who's brother ____
is Dating the **** ____.
She broke up a couple consisting of Drew and ____.
Who was put under pressure in the boiler room by ____.
Who makes gay jokes directed towards ____.
Who made up with his boyfriend with the assistance of ____.
Who bought a date with ____.
He helped his friend ____ from a creeper
with their friend ____
and he's majorly crushing on ____.
Who's brother ____ won tickets to a concert.
He had to give up the tickets to Adam and ____.
While they were at the concert they ran into ____.
She woke up drunk in a car with ____.
He suggested an abortion to his pregnant girlfriend ____.
She ate hummus with her friend ____
Who begged ____ to be on the power squad.
Who begged ____ to reenstate the power squad.
He had to talk with ____'s parents about her sexting.
She admitted to this at a party that ____ thought she was hitting on him at.
She was actually was hitting on ____.

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