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A girl dressed in a red hoodie stands with her back to the camera in the middle of a giant bear trap2005
A man stands with his arms outstretched, celebrating his freedom whilst torrential rain soaks his entire body1994
Five men stand in an identity parade, their shadows cast large behind them1995
A woman lies on her front with her feet in the air. She has a cigarette in one hand, a trashy novel in the other, and a gun rests on the floor in front of her1994
A body lies face down in the snow, a pool of blood near the head, and an overturned car in the background1996
A woman in a bra and shorts straddles a motorway, picking up cars whilst the drivers scatter in a bid for freedom1958
A man stands at the top of some steps, hoisting his arms in triumph as he looks toward the city skyline1976
Against a white background lies a helmet with several shells strapped to the back, and a CND badge fastened to the top, and a war slogan written on the side1987
A woman stands surrounded by eggs, with a young girl in one arm and a massive gun in the other, looking up at her foe1986
A man in a pin-striped suit sits in a dingy attic in London, holding a razor in his right hand2007
A side view of a shaved human head, with a tag clipped to the ear bearing a serial number, which is the name of the titular lead character1971
A man dressed in a white suit sits on a park bench looking up to his left, with a suitcase by his feet1994
A picture of a woman's bare midriff, her right hand pressing a red rose to her stomach1999
A young boy, aided by his companion, cycles above the trees through the night sky, a huge full moon visible behind them1982
A woman blankly stares out, with a moth over her mouth1991

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