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Where do they give away babies like free iPods?
What is the Pennysaver heading for adpotion ads?
What is Bleeker actually great in?
What flavour condoms is Juno offered in the clinic?
What does Katrina de Voort smell like?
What do all babies want to get?
What does Bren want to get when Juno moves out?
What does Juno get from her Mum every Valentine's Day?
Why is Vijay going to stop wearing underwear?
Who did Juno name her guitar after?
What does pregnancy typically lead to?
What does Bleeker's Mum look like?
What are the two shades of yellow Vanessa picks out?
Which sports legend does being pregnant make Juno pee like?
What drink does Juno initially ask for when she first visits Mark and Vanessa?
What is the best flavour of Boone's?
How did Juno generate enough pee for ten pregnancy tests?
What church does Bren go to?
What do 'they' call Juno?
Either Juno just peed her pants or...

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