A Christmassy Ted

Random Television or religious holiday Quiz

Can you name the trivia from the Father Ted Christmas Special?

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What service does Ted forget to perform?
What song causes Father Jack to stand up and salute?
The Teamaster removes what aspect of tea making?
What section of the department store do the priests get lost in?
What film had Dougal been previously scared by?
What did Ted get put in the windows to stop Jack running away?
Dougal asks Ted for loads of ..... stuff for Christmas?
What do all the priests sit down to watch after Ted's award?
What TV programme does Ted dream that he is in at the beginning of the episode?
Which family is the woman with the baby looking for?
Can you guess the priest's name?
According to Mrs Doyle, where does Ted rank amongst all the priests in Ireland?
What award does Ted receive?
Jack sits down to watch Jurassic Park with extra what?
When Ted tries to go back to sleep, what does he dream is chasing him?

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