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Director/Lead ActorMovieYear
John Landis/David Naughton1981
Robert Rodriguez/Antonio Banderas2003
Terry Gilliam/Jonathan Pryce1985
Michael Moore/John Candy1995
Stephen Gaghan/George Clooney2005
Joel Zwick/Nia Vardalos2002
David Mamet/Campbell Scott1997
Larry Charles/Sacha Baron Cohen2006
Clint Eastwood/Clint Eastwood1976
Steven Soderbergh/George Clooney2006
Brenda Chapman and Steve Hickner/Val Kilmer(voice)1998
David Butler/Bing Crosby1942
Director/Lead ActorMovieYear
Barry Levinson/Robin Williams1987
Kevin Macdonald/Forest Whitaker2006
Peter Collinson/Michael Caine1969
Eric Darnell and Tom McGrath/Ben Stiller(voice)2005
Shane Meadows/Thomas Turgoose2007
David Lean/Judy Davis1984
Terry George/Don Cheadle2004
John Huston/Humphrey Bogart1941
Roman Polanski/Jack Nicholson1974
Baz Luhrmann/Nicole Kidman2008
Terence Young/Sean Connery1963
Karel Reisz/Meryl Streep1981

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