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What is the name of the restaurant the McKinley kids always go to?
What is the name of the coffee place that Blaine and Kurt go to after Warblers practice?
Sue Sylvester claims to have slept with the drummer of which band?
What song did Sam Evans audition with?
Who puts rock salt in a slushy and throws it in Blaine's face?
Who wins Prom Queen in season 2?
What is the theme of season 3's prom?
What is Quinn's daughter's name?
In season 2, New Directions came in what place at Nationals?
What was the name of the Irish foreign exchange student?
Brittany wished for the foreign exchange student to bring her what?
Finn wanted to name his, who was actually Puck's, baby what?
Which member of New Directions had a crush on Mr. Schuester in season 1?
The name of the bird Kurt was given by the Warblers was what?
Quinn got into a car accident on the way to what?
What song did Finn dedicate to Kurt at their parents' wedding?
What former bully tries to kill himself?
In season 3, the New Directions dedicate a week to a John Travolta movie. What is it?
They also dedicate a week to which singer?
Who replaces Figgins as principal for a brief period in Season 2?
Who plays lead singer of Vocal Adrenaline, Jesse St. James?
Finn sees God in what kind of food?
Kurt's dad runs what kind of business?
Who guest stars in Season 1 to play Will's former enemy, Bryan Ryan?
Rachel's mom is played by who?

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