Golden Globe Nominations 2012

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Best Picture - Drama
Best Actress - Drama
Albert Nobbs 
Aibileen Clark 
Lisbeth Salander 
Margaret Thatcher 
Eva Khatchadourian 
Best Actor - Drama
Matt King 
J Edgar Hoover 
Brandon Sullivan 
Stephen Meyers 
Billy Beane 
Best Picture - Musical or Comedy
Best Actress - M/C
Penelope Longstreet 
Mavis Gary 
Annie Walker 
Marilyn Monroe 
Nancy Cowan 
Best Actor - M/C
George Valentin 
Sergeant Gerry Boyle 
Jacob Palmer 
Best Animated
Best Supporting Actress
Peppy Miller 
Celia Foote 
Hubert Page 
Minny Jackson 
Alexandra King 
Best Supporting Actor
Sir Laurence Olivier 
Bernie Rose 
Peter Brand 
Sigmund Freud 
Hal Fields 
Best Director
(Annie Hall, Hannah and Her Sisters) 
(Good Night and Good Luck, Leatherheads) 
(OSS 117, Mes Amis) 
(Sideways, About Schmidt) 
(Goodfellas, The Departed) 
Best Foreign Language Film
United States 

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