Sideways Stories from Wayside School Characters

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Can you name the characters in 'Sideways Stories from Wayside School,' by Louis Sachar?

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Is sent up and down the stairs repeatedly to ask the yard teacher whether he wants to watch a movie about turtles. Ultimately, he declines.
Sent home every day on the kindergarten bus
Gets stuck to his chair with bubblegum; has a large mouth
A girl with two personalities
The happiest kid in class, and has no reason to be
He sees everything upside-down
The only one dressed up for the Halloween party, which does not happen on Halloween, since Halloween fell on Sunday that year.
She doesn't exist, and there is no 19th story. Sorry.
Cannot resist the urge to pull girls' pigtails
Suffering from ichy mosquito bites
Encounters three strange men in the basement after accidentally coming to school on a Saturday
(Full name only) The third similarly-named kid; nicknamed 'Crabapple' despite positive demeanor
The yard teacher; loosely-based on the author
Sent to deliver a nonexistent note to the nonexistent teacher on the 19th story; gets a small tattoo of a potato on his ankle
The worst kickball player in class; turns out he's a lot better at punching
The fastest drawer in Mrs. Jewls' class
Counts the hairs on his own head; 55,006, all curly
Receives his come-uppance when, after he kicks every ball over the fence, is himself kicked over the fence
Smelly, foul-mouthed many-raincoated boy; turns out he was just a dead rat
Her quest is to finally get the green ball at recess
Runs for class president; befriends a bird and names him 'Oddly'
Eats so much ice cream she no longer likes it
Hates everyone except for the kid who turned out to be a dead rat. She thinks he's funny.
(Full name only) The second of the three kids with the same name, is nicknamed 'Fatso' despite his slender frame
The new teacher; pictures the kids as monkeys
(Full name only) One of three kids with the same first name, nicknamed 'Butterfingers' despite being the best athlete in class
A boy with a girl's name who attempts to trade names with a girl named Mac from the 23rd floor
The class' original teacher; turned into an apple
After stealing a classmate's lunch, all food she eats just tastes like Miss Mush's cafeteria food
Delivers a particularly painful bite to the yard teacher, despite lacking her two front teeth
Tries to sell her toes
Falls asleep in class and rolls out the window

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