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Can you unscramble the given phrase to form the name of a Baseball Hall of Famer?

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Oral nanny
Ick! Perky Butt
Ashen, torn jowl
Angry Benders
Anger Mojo
Real ritzy smacks
Parry, Old Grey
Yes, Rednecks Lie
Bah! Brute
Darn Yellow
Yak found sax
Mislaid Welt
Wham! Boner killer.
Body Robber
Not Donuts
Sinker Dude
Falcon skirt
Snake Brine
Act, ye milkmen!
Sadly Droned
Flawed, divine
Rook club
Troy Bunion
Dimmest hick
Polar Ultimo
Reborn Bistro
Will elate girls
Rued midyear
Carnal Maypole
Uglier hog
Salami Nuts
Butt Rescuer
Begot Regret
Steam Over
Grislier Felon
Pitches algae
Yea, I'll swim
Cindered Hotness
Canker Lip
Inborn rook sobs
Rowdy Thief
Irony: He's redneck
Manic hula jar
Paroled Deacon
Shear gnu now
Repeats risk
Holier Pink
Absurd Old Honors
Nails Moms
Not Arson

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