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Can you name the most HR in a season for the following categories?

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A player 6'7 or taller48
A player 5'7 or shorter56
A Canadian player49
A Mexican player46
A player born in Scotland32
A non-US born player66
A player who bats left-handed and throws right-handed61
A player who throws left-handed and bats right-handed37
A switch hitter54
A player named 'John' (no Johnnys)35
A player who goes by his initials31
A pitcher9
A catcher45
A Jewish player58
A player born in Alaska20
A player born in Hawaii18
A player who stole 50 or more bases37
A player who hit fewer than 10 doubles37
A player under age 2024
A player age 40 or older34
A player who did not qualify for the batting title43
A player who batted under .20032
A player who slugged under .50040
A player with fewer than 100 RBI46
A player who struck out fewer than 50 times51
A player listed as weighing under 150 pounds19
A player who is active as of 201058
A player who is the only person in MLB history with his first name51
A player born in New York City58
A player born in Los Angeles51
A player born in Chicago39
A player who went to an Ivy League college49
A player who played all 9 positions in that season (not counting DH)7
A DH54
A player in his first MLB season38
A player in his last MLB season35
A player during World War II (1943-1945)43
A player whose last name ends in two consecutive vowels46
A player whose last name ends in the same two consonants in a row58
A player whose last name ends in '-ski'49
A player who did it in the 1800s27
A player born in Asia31
A player with the letters S-P-O-R-C-L-E in his name46

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