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Has a light blue Flag scatterd with stars
This country is also a type of Pig
Poorest African islands
The Worlds biggest waterfall is in this country
Island whos capital is Apia
The deadliest country in Africa
this countries flag is red, green and yellow with a black star in its left corner
This country has the longest 'stan' name
The home of Tiger Woods
This countries capital is Vilnius
The centre country of South America
This countries capital is Porto-novo
The largest Caribbean island
A country with only 1 border, landlocked
Home to Roger Federer
Last 'stan' country in alphabetical order
European island south of Greece
The capital of this country is Bratislava
Host of 2010 africa cup of nations
Island in the Middle East
Counry bginning with A associated with both Asia and Europe
Hosts of the 2010 Commonwealth games
the central country of north Africa
Richest country in the World
The isle of Zanzibar is home to this country
Poorest American Country
This Country has a lot of history with the UK with same culture
This is a rich African country due to its Oils
Home to Petre Cech
The only country to begin with 'O'
Ryan Giggs had a trip here to raise money
A group of carribean Islands
Richest caribbean island
This country has a flag oppisite to Icelands
This country has a red Flag with a black diaganol line going down it
African country south of the Middle East
The home of Dimitar Berbatov
This country has its capital as the 1st in alphabetical order in the world
Largest South American Country
the largest 'stan'
To name this country fill in the missing word Michael _ _ _ _ _ _
World Cup Champs
This countries capital is Reykjavik
Home to Ji-Sung Park
This countries capital is Asmara
Group of romantic asian islands in the Indian ocean
Home to Emmanuael Adebayor
The capital of this country is Majuro
Plane 1 coulored flag
Group of islands east of Vietnam
Home to Novak D'jokavic
First Caribbean island Alphabeticaly
Smallest American country
This countries capital is Tegucigalpa
This countrys capital is the same as the name but with 'san' at the beginning
This country also is the name of a News programme
This countries flag has two green stars in the centre
The home of the singer Rihanna
Home to Victoria falls
A two worded country in Central America
the Capital ofthis country is Gaborone
This country has a red, black and yellow flag with a grey crowned crane in the midddle of it
Home to Antonio Valencia
The last country beginning with 'E' in world alphabetical order
this countrys flag has red edges with a blue centre and has a few yellow symbols on the bottom left
This country has a blue Flag with a yellow cross
This was once known as the British Honduras
Richest of all the small Oceaia'n islands
Home to Didier Drogba
Smallest African country
Popular toured country near Vietnam and China
This countries capital is La Paz
Flag colours are opposite to englands
Home to the famous Ancient Pyramids
Large populated island, south of India
Has alot of religion problems as it is half islamic and half jewish
Worlds Poorest country
The poorest European country
Light blue and white flag with a small circle in the centre
A small country north of indonesia and west of malaysia
The only country beginning with 'Q'
Home to Lionel Messi
This country has the most Northerly African point
Deadliest South American country
Home to Niagra falls
The only country beginning with 'Y'
The only Country beginning with G in mainland North America
This countrys name is half identical to Slovakia
This country is Asian, aswell as European
The largest island in Africa
Home to Robert Kubica
The Worlds highest country
Chinese island
smallest European Island
4 letter African county beginning with M
The last country alphabetically beginning wth 'B'
Main country with most of the Alps
A hard 'stan' country to spell
Smallest country of Oceania
A country in west Africa with 6 Borders
This countries capital is Tehran
The first eer World Cup Winners
Only African country t have its name also as its capital
The only country of Oceania to border another country
Last country alphabetically beginning with A
World Cup Hosts of 2010
This countries Flag has green edges with a white centre
Last country of Oceania in alphabetical order
this countries canal connects the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans together
First country in world alphabetical order beginning with G
Its calpital is Dhaka
Largest full European country
Richest Asian country
small country locked by Senegal
Small Italian country
First country alphabetically n Europe
Largest island of Oceania
Has a blue, black and white Flag
Largest African country
An island in the caribbean that has a republican partner
This countries capital is last alphabetically in the world
The first European country beginning with L
country in the centre of the far west African coast
last country in the world Alphabetically beginning with R
This country is the most Northerly in Oceania
This countries capital is Funafuti
4 Letter country south of China
This country has a green flag with a yellow Moon in the centre
The smaller of the 2 Congo's
Home to Christiano Ronaldo
The longest named Caribbean country
The middle country of the three saints in alphabetical order
This country is also an american state
Small country near southern Indonesia
This country has a green and white flag with a white Moon
Where the Atlas mountains mainly are
Green and white Flag with a Red Moon
HIV is worst here
Biggest oil producer in the World
Has the biggest history in European football
This country was once part of another European country
The only country in Oceania beginning with a K
Poorest country of islands in Oceania
Country to the North West of Indonesia
This countries capital is Hanoi
The most Southern island in Oceania
This country has alot to do with the UK
Most toured place in the world
This is an Asian Country bordering China beginning with B
Small country near Southern France
This country is also what you describe as needing food
Small country between France and Germany
The capital of this country is Chisinau
worlds thinnest country
Asian country with a British culture to it
Home to Samuel Eto'o
Has the biggest olympic gold shistory in thewhole of Africa
This country is an African island far south of the Indian Ocean
First country in alphabetical order
Home to Sebastian Vettel
Smallest 'stan' country
The creators of the Olympics
This country has the smallest name in South America
Thin country in Southern Africa with its own Lake
Last country in alphabetical order
This country is in the Middle Eat and has alot of war problems
the capital of this country is Windheok
Largest Islamic country
This country can also be known as Burma
This country has a red and white flag with a green tree in the centre
Worlds largest country
the creaters of Thortons chocolate
Two African islands, put together as one Country
the only African country with a red, white and blue flag
African islands off the far west coast
Richest West African country
Land locked country beginning with B with Russia as a border
this countries capital is Bucharest
Smallest South American country
Smallest mainland Middle eastern country
Small Country between two well known European Countries
This country has a very poor neighbour
Home to Edwin Van Der Sar
This countries capital is Skopje
red and blue Flag with a white star
Where Santa Claus is said to live
worlds most populated country
A country in south east Asia beginning with C
the longest named European Country
This country is in the far South East of mainland Africa
American country with Spanish culture to it
Home to David Beckham
The worlds Smallest country
The only South American country to have black in its Flag

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