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Many of the Loyalists were the families of those who fought for the ___ in the war.
Another name for the Thirteen Colonies.
Escaped black slaves who found work in Nova Scotia.
The headquarters of Colnel John Butler' Butlers Backracks is located in Niagara ____ the ____
The area from the Ottawa River to the lakes Ontario, Erie, Huron and the north shore of Lake Superior is called this.
Area east of Montreal was settled by these people
When did the first ship leave New York to go to British North America?
How many people from the Thirteen Colonies moved to BNA?
Used migration as a way of escaping from their owners to become free people.
What store owners and farmers who moved from Thirteen Colonies had in common.
Which colony was added to British North America after 1784?
A rich land owner in Upper New York who organized the Butlers Range.
Where did the first ship from New York go in British North America (BNA)
Many disbanded regiments came to what is now known as _____
What colony was part of Nova Scotia until 1784?
Name given to a tax paid to the church.
Name the most western colony in British North America between 1776 and 1784.
What small land owners, former British Soldiers, and people hoping for religious tolerance wanted in BNA.
If land is not privately owned it is leased from...
Name the island colony in British North America between 1776 and 1784.
Which regiment fought against the Patriots?
The society that black soldiers created when they did not get what they were promised after they fought, near Shelborne Nova Scotia.
Who settled his followers along the tract of land along the Grand River?
Abandoned property in the Thirteen Colonies.
Until the 1780s, places in the Lake Ontario and Lake Erie region were populated by the
Another name for store owners.
Name given to area east of Montreal where people settled.
Land that is privately owned is called:
Name the colonies in British North America between 1776 and 1784.
Some loyalists from New England settled north to the St Lawrence River of Quebec. That is why place names close to Montreal are not English they are ____
Someone who is under contract to work for a family for a number of years before becoming free.
Continent to which black slaves who found work in Nova Scotia sailed.
Tract of land along the banks of the Grand River.
Black soldiers were promised _____ in Nova Scotia.
Loyalists had a great impact on the development of the Lake Ontario and the Lakie ____ regions.
Two slaves who found work in Nova Scotia became disheartend and sailed to this country.
Where did Colonel John Butler's regiment the Butlers Rangers disband?
Name the most easterly colony in British North America between 1776 and 1784.
How many colonies were there in British North America after the United States became independent?
Upper Canada is the area from the ______ River to lake ontario, Erie, and Huron, north shore Lake Superior

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