Big Mouth and Ugly Girl

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Can you name the Big Mouth and Ugly Girl?

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Matt's last name
When Ursula puts herself down and feels low she says her mood is an...
Name of the play Matt is writing for school Spring Art's festival:' __ __: A Case of Mistaken Identity'
When the detectives first ask to speak to him, Matt fears something has happened to his ___.
Matt's dog.
Name of Matt's 'friends' whom Ursula calls.
Month when detectives from Rocky River Police Department questioned Matt?
Ursula's name for her mood that makes her feel powerful and good.
Teacher who is in charge of Drama Club.
Name of the school principal.
Tells Ursula that she can't help Matt out because her mother doesn't want her to get involved: --- McDowd
Ursula's last name.
Ursula thinks this friend of Matt's is 'sqirmy, smirky, little creep'.
Minimum suspension Matt was facing.
Name of high school that Matt and Ursula attend.
Girls' Basketball Coach.

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