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Can you name the facts about QEGS A Level Music?

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Stole Francey's Woman
Ashamed of Glimpsed Sexual Rendezvous
Grieg's Estranged Brother
Four Bars Zimbabwe
Jesus in the Fridge
**** Awful
Leader of The Midnight Rollers
Ian's oldest flame
Music's Quietest Twanger
Sultry deckhand
Francey's Bromance
Mildy unimpressed by everything
Stone Roses according to Mrs Ward
Francey's Saturday Girl
Composer's bust in France's Living Room
Francey's Top Party Snack
Worst Duet ever
Tarantino Wannabe
Scared by Hitchcock Soundtrack
Grey VW Polo, AKA...
Band that wrote Soul 2
Infuses Ian with Germanic Lust
Infuses Ian with Austrian Lust
How many pianists are mentioned above (including bands)

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