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Can you name the Strategy and Party Games Based On These Clues?

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I'll Take Two Randoms
That's Probably Phantom Phil's
Can I Jump Off The Boat and Still Swim Another Space?
I'll Read The Clue Aloud and Pass The Card to You
I've Got Wood For Your Sheep
I'll Use My Bridge
Can You Move Me Up The Food Tracker?
I'll Do The Animals, You Do The Food
He Definitely Finished First
Can You Pass Me The Laboratory?
The Number is 4, and the Category is E
I'll Steal From the Merchant
You Can't Say What It Rhymes With!
That Doesn't Happen Until Step 2
Somebody Has To Get Over To Hong Kong!
I'll Use My Observatory
Festival Festival Village Festival
You Have To Roll a 17 or Higher To Beat It

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