Oscar Best Picture Nominations 1980's

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Can you name the Oscar Best Picture Nomination from 1980 to 1989?

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They Liked His Brother More 
Boxing Legend 
Country Legend 
Man, He Was Ugly! 
A Peasant Girl's Love Story 
1924 Olympics 
Burt Lancaster Lives In... 
Henry Fonda Is Old 
I Hate Snakes! 
Warren Beatty directs and stars 
He Was Bald and Probably Hungry 
Drew Barrymore's First Role 
Jack Lemmon Drama 
She's A He! 
Paul Newman in Court 
Shirley Maclaine 
Robet Duvall 
A Reunion of Friends 
Albert Finney and Theater 
They Went To Space! 
He Was A Composer 
A Photographer in Cambodia 
John Ford 
Sally Fields 
Racial Tension in the Military 
Redford and Streep 
Spielberg and Oprah 
Raul Julia in Prison 
Jack Nicholson and The Mob 
The Amish 
They Left Willem Dafoe Behind 
18th Century Spanish Jesuits 
Woody Allen 
Deaf Students 
A Love Story in Florence 
A Child Rules 
A Small Boy during World War II 
Obsession Can Be Fatal 
Albert Brooks On The Air 
K-Mart Sucks 
A Secretary Moves Up Quick! 
Racial Tension in the South 
Geena Davis 
John Malkovich 
Jessica Tandy 
Carpe Diem 
Baseball and Magic 
Tom Cruise Is Injured In War 
It's The Only Thing I Can Move 

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