Dead Dog Cafe Segments

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Can you name the Dead Dog Cafe Comedy Hour segments?

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Theme SongSegmentHost
unknown titleeveryone
unknown title and the Rocky ThemeTom
unknown titleGracie
The Merry FarmerJasper
Ride of the ValkyriesJasper
The Barber of SevilleGracie
unknown titleJasper
unknown titleJasper
Theme SongSegmentHost
2001: A Space Odessy/Also Sprach ZathuraJasper
unknown titleJasper
unknown titleJasper (1 episode segment)
unknown titleJapser
Nutcracker Suite: Soldier MarchGracie
No sequenceGracie (1 episode segment)
Pomp and Circumstance No. 1Gracie/Jasper
The Lone Ranger Theme/William Tell Overtureusually Jasper, occasionally Gracie
unknown titleGracie/Jasper

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