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Misheard lyricCorrect lyricSong
[Penis] will ariseSpace Dementia
Can't afford another day at [50 pints] per secondPink Ego Box
How many [lives] will you create?MK Ultra
[Possum in a daze], you know how I feelFeeling Good
I think I'm drowning, [a sexy lady]Time is Running Out
[Grey shoes] melting in the dead of nightSupermassive Black Hole
Lips are turning blue; [I kiss the carp in you]Sing for Absolution
No, I will not [f*** at] youFalling Down
It's bugging me, [groaning] meHysteria
Cherished dreams forever [I seek]Endlessly
Warped and bewitched, [intend to be raped]Assassin
Everything about you [is innate] happinessBliss
[This country do] what we want; take a bowTake a Bow
Stretch it like a [box] squeezeNew Born
[Sexy plane] keeps me aliveJimmy Kane
I've seen [wayadoooaaaammmaaaa]Micro Cuts
Misheard lyricCorrect lyricSong
Making my [arse feel sore, 'cause it's gay]Darkshines
I'm a priest [that never prayed]The Small Print
Now the [coat left our felt] suicideShrinking Universe
I'll show you how [a guard] falls asleep on the jobKnights of Cydonia
I want to [exercise] the demons from your mastUndisclosed Desires
[Roast interview], and satellites that compromise the truthGlorious
I'm hungry for some [onions]Unnatural Selection
Wearing just socks and a [thong]Map of Your Head
You [sold my ooovvachuuu]Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 (Overture)
And you're gonna feel my [mushrooms calming]Nature_1
Floating in between [well how else could I]Thoughts of a Dying Atheist
[You just can't have] missed itMuscle Museum
[A lie man of the palace] in your headFuturism
For one moment, I wish you'd [understand]Citizen Erased
I can't get it right since [I'm Matthew]Map of the Problematique
[Future's so foggy in] this messFury

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