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HintAnswerExtra help
Jason Todduses guns
Oswald Cobblepotuses umbrellals
Kate Kanehas bright red hair
Harvey DentUsed to be DA
Margret PyeMultipe personality disorder
Tim Drakecan fly by useing wings
Helena Bertinelliuses a crossbow
Edward Nigma'Riddle me this'
Slade WilsonThe Terminator
Jervis Tetchlunatic who thinks he is in wonderland
Julian DayAlways knows what day it is
Dr.Kirk Langstormprofessor
Bruce WayneThe Dark Night
Lonnie MachinYoung kid
Richard GreysonThe first Robin
Victor Zsaszuses knifes
Peyton Riley yonng woman who is the ex fiance of kirk langstrom
The clown prince of crimeuses knifes
Floyd LawtonExpert sharpshooter
Basil Karloan actor
Sandra Wu-Sanmother of cassandra cain
Lester Buchinskystreet thug
Selina KyleThe Cat
HintAnswerExtra help
Waylon JonesCrocodille
Talia Headdaughter of ras al ghul
An owlleader of the court of owls
Victor FreezeWife is Nora Freeze
Johnnathan Craneuses fear toxin
Damian Wayneson of bruce and talia
Michael Washington Lanehas a sword
A Puppetuses a tommy gun
The Demon's Headuses lazarus pits
Barbra GordanThe first Batgirl
Dr. Harleen QuinzelIntern at Arkham Asylum
A snakeuses a nerotoxin
Cyrus GoldHe was born on a Monday
Dr.Thomas Elliotidentity theif
Dr. Pamela IsleyMother nature
'I will break you!'uses venom,T-N1, and Titan
Stephanie Brownwas robin and batgirl
Arnold WeskerOld man
Cassandra CainDaughter of Lady Shiva
Thomas BlakeLike catwoman but the opposite
A Rabbitunpredictable woman
Roman SionisHead of Sinois industries
Garfield Lynnshas 90% burns on his body

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