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layman termmedical term
heart attack
abnormally small head
chicken pox
stroke (general term)
feeling faint
breathing too fast
coughing up blood
dry skin
red skin
tongue inflammation
collapsed lung
hair loss
difficulty swallowing
night sweats
needing to urinate during sleep
kidney infection
abnormally fast heart rate
enlarged liver
fungal infection of the nails
blood in the stool
layman termmedical term
bulging eyes
development of breasts in a male
abnormal blood clot
yeast infection
loss of appetite
extra fingers or toes
the urge to eat clay, chalk, soil, etc...
stomach growling
too little oxygen in the blood
not enough potassium in the blood
imapaired or absent speech
too much carbon dioxide in the blood
low sperm count
invonluntary and rapid eye movements
ear lobe
drinking too much
development of breasts in a female
belly button or navel
white blood cell
nose job
stretch marks
abnormal growth of body hair in women

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