Stars Wars KOTOR Party Members

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Can you name the Stars Wars KOTOR Party Members?

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First character you meet. A Republic soldier who lacks a real personality aside from giving you hints. Dies like an idiot
Another Republic soldier. Saves your life but pretty much distrusts anything that walks on two feet
A stuck-up female Jedi. Has a double-bladed lightsaber
An alien girl. Hates being called a kid. Pretty much useless after the first level
A droid. Rip-off of R2-D2. Useless after the first levels
A wookiee. Protects Answer #4. Pretty much a tank
An female alien Jedi who bizarrely speaks with a Russian accent. Looks like a weird cat
Cranky old former Jedi. Borderline senile at times but gives some 'good advice'
An assassin droid with protocol functions. Homicidal C-3PO. Has the best one-liners in the game
Mandalorian mercenary. Tells you a bunch of really boring war stories, but ultimately gets revealed to be a major phony. Has a big gun that can't be upgraded.

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