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Can you name the characters that are also real places?

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Character clueCharacter and PlacePlace clue
Girl in The Beatles song 'Rocky Racoon'France
Captain on US Naval sitcom 1962-66New York
Louise Lasser starring role 1976-77Arkansas
Molly Brink in 'Star Trek: Enterprise' 2004-05Kyrgyzstan
Jackie Gleason in 'Smokey and the Bandit'Illinois
John Belushi in '1941'Washington
Springfield's favorite familyIllinois
Deputy on rural sitcom, 1960-68United Kingdom (Scotland)
Captain role for Groucho Marx in 'Animal Crackers'Oklahoma
Zero Mostel/Nathan Lane characterPoland
Character clueCharacter and PlacePlace clue
Civil Servant in 'Seinfeld'Australia
'Animal House' DeanThe Netherlands
Michael Keaton 1988 starring rolestar
1964-66 sitcom familyGermany
'Lawrence Jamieson' character in 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrels'Switzerland
Banker in 1962-71 sitcomAustralia
Professor on 'Gilligan's Island'California
Character in 'Little Mermaid'moon of Uranus
'Young Frankenstein' one-armed InspectorTexas

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