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Can you name the characters that are also real places?

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Character clueCharacter and PlacePlace clue
Banker in 1962-71 sitcomAustralia
'Young Frankenstein' one-armed InspectorTexas
'Lawrence Jamieson' character in 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrels'Switzerland
Jackie Gleason in 'Smokey and the Bandit'Illinois
Zero Mostel/Nathan Lane characterPoland
Molly Brink in 'Star Trek: Enterprise' 2004-05Kyrgyzstan
'Animal House' DeanThe Netherlands
1964-66 sitcom familyGermany
Professor on 'Gilligan's Island'California
John Belushi in '1941'Washington
Character clueCharacter and PlacePlace clue
Springfield's favorite familyIllinois
Captain role for Groucho Marx in 'Animal Crackers'Oklahoma
Character in 'Little Mermaid'moon of Uranus
Civil Servant in 'Seinfeld'Australia
Captain on US Naval sitcom 1962-66New York
Deputy on rural sitcom, 1960-68United Kingdom (Scotland)
Louise Lasser starring role 1976-77Arkansas
Girl in The Beatles song 'Rocky Racoon'France
Michael Keaton 1988 starring rolestar

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