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A camera move that combines a dolly in one direction and a zoom in the opposite direction
Camera position that makes the subject appear weak
The function that controls how much light is allowed to enter the camera
A camer function that controls the color of light
Camera position that makes the subject appear Strong
Not a camera movement, but a function inside the camera that magnifies or shrinks the image
When the camera circles a subject while facing in
A shot used to show facial expressions or details
When the camera moves up or down, as if in an elevator
The entire camera moves toward or away from the subject
A shot that shows the landscape/location of a scene
A small detailed magnified so it is very large on screen
When the camera pivots to look up or down
A shot of two performers
Shot of a subject from the waist up
A shot that would show the full costume of a character
The camera pivots from left to right
The function that changes the image from clear to blurry
When the entire camera rig moves left or right
Shakey 'documentary style' filming
Shot of the mid chest to the top of the head

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