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First meaningAutoantonymSecond meaning
To secure in placeTo dash away suddenly
To fasten togetherTo give way or collapse
To fasten together tightlyTo cut off (e.g. with shears)
Usual; NormalUnique; special
To remove fine particles from a surfaceTo sprinkle fine particles onto a surface
Fixed firmly in placeMoving speedily/quickly
Advantage (e.g. in sport)Disadvantage; Disability
Archetype; Example; Exemplar; Primary exampleCopy; Replica
First meaningAutoantonymSecond meaning
To examine; To watch overTo fail to notice
To lendTo borrow
To quitTo join again
To examine closelyTo glance at hastily
To showTo shield; To block from view
To miss (e.g. baseball)To hit
To softenTo strengthen (e.g. with metals)
To withstand; To stand up to; To hold up againstTo wear away

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