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I am the youngest World Heavyweight Champion ever.
I have won the World Heavyweight Championship the most times.
I am the longest reigning US Champion in WWE history.
I was the 2010 King of the Ring.
I was the first undisputed champion.
I have the shortest time in the the ring in a Royal Rumble.
I was the first World Heavyweight Champion.
I was WWE Tag Team Champion for 1 day, as part of Nexus.
I am the only current WWE Superstar who uses the 450 Splash.
I am the only WWE Superstar to be on the Real World.
I am a member of The Corre.
I am the newest WWE Commentator, on SmackDown.
I am the only superstar to face Undertaker a two consecutive Wrestlemanias.
I am the host of NXT.
I won my first world title at Armageddon 2008.
I won season 2 of NXT.
I have won the Royal Rumble 3 times.

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