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Los Angeles; Tom and Eddie Corbett, Mrs. Livingston
Milwaukee; Lenny, Squiggy, DeFazio and Feeney
Santa Monica; Chrissy, Janet, Jack, The Ropers
Korea; Hawkeye, Radar, Hot Lips
New York; Louie, Ignatowski, Alex, Latka
Los Angeles; Fred, Lamont, Aunt Esther
Chicago; JJ, Florida, Willona
New York; George, Louise, Florence
Dunn's River, CT; Benson, Jessica, Burt, Jodie
New York; Findlay, Walter, Vivian
Minneapolis; Mary, Lou, Murray, Ted
Los Angeles; Marsha, Greg, Cindy, Peter, Jan, Alice
New York; Brenda, Ida, Morgenstern
Milwaukee; Fonzie, Richie, Potsie, Chachi
Phoenix; Vera, Flo, Mel, Hyatt
New York; Fish, Wojo, Yemana
Chicago; Robert and Emily Hartley
Los Angeles; Chico Rodriguez, Ed Brown
Pacific Princess; Gopher, Julie, Doc, Isaac
Ze Plane!, Mr. Roarke, Tattoo
Boulder; Ork, Alien, Egg, Nanoo-Nanoo
New York; Archie, Edith, Gloria, Meathead
Indianapolis; Ann, Julie, Barbara, Schneider
Radio Station; Herb, Les, Fever, Flytrap
San Pueblo; Keith, Danny, Shirley, Laurie
James Buchanan High; Vinnie, Horshack, Boom Boom
Los Angeles; Raj, Rerun, Dwayne
New York; Felix and Oscar
New York; Arnold, Willis, Kimberly

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