Rosborough Tower 5

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Can you name the Rosborough Tower Guys?

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NicknameReal Name
Creepy Tequila
Texas Gambler
Vermont Skiboy
Texas Creeper
Singing Asian 1
Singing Asian 2
Shouting Asian 1
Shouting Asian 2
'I am the ****' Frederick
Edward Norton
Deep Voice
Jerry Curl NYC
Allergic to Wheat
Guy in the Single
A B C D E F....
Room right by the Elevator 1
Room right by the Elevator 2
NicknameReal Name
Not the White One
Smooth AF
Brazilian Soccer Star
Barzilian Soccer Star Roommate
Edward Norton Roommate
Chest Tattoo
North Carolina
A Dom
The Shoe Salesman
Tall from Hawaii
True True True
New Orleans
Not as Big as Kapil
505 Number 1
505 Number 2
Always Has Girls in his Room?
Very High Standards

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