A2 Physics: Quarks, Hadrons & Radiation

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Can you name the Quarks, Hadrons & Radiation?

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Quark, Hadron or RadiationAnswer
Up: Baryon No.
Gamma: Range
Strange: Baryon No.
Pion-plus meson: Charge
Strange: Spin
Antiproton: Components
Neutron: Baryon No.
Down: Spin
Antiproton: Baryon No.
Alpha: Ionisation
Down: Baryon No.
Neutron: Components
Gamma: Protection
Gamma: Ionisation
Proton: Strangeness
Down: Charge
Up: Spin
Proton: Components
Alpha: Charge
Proton: Charge
Neutron: Charge
Beta: Nature
Beta: Charge
Proton: Baryon No.
Beta: Speed
Quark, Hadron or RadiationAnswer
Beta: Ionisation
Alpha: Range
Up: Charge
Pion-plus meson: Strangeness
Gamma: Mass/u
Alpha: Mass/u
Gamma: Speed
Gamma: Charge
Strange: Strangeness
Pion-plus meson: Baryon No.
Beta: Mass/u
Antiproton: Strangeness
Beta: Range
Neutron: Strangeness
Alpha: Speed
Strange: Charge
Antiproton: Charge
Beta: Protection
Up: Strangeness
Alpha: Protection
Alpha: Nature
Down: Strangeness
Pion-plus meson: Components
Gamma: Nature

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