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Newton's Law of Gravitation:
Coulomb's Law:
Isotopes are...
Weak interaction is responsible for...
Experiments that cannot induce radioactive decay 1:
Strong Nuclear Force Characteristic 2
What is the half-life of Uranium-235?
Which has greater mass/energy, the atom or its constituent parts?
Binding energy is...
Fusion: which isotope of hydrogen is used?
What temperature do you need for appreciable numbers of deuterons to fuse?
Strong Nuclear Force Characteristic 1
In Beta- decay...
Einstein's principle of the equivalence of mass and energy states that:
What must the repelling force between alpha particles and the gold atom be?
What is the half-life of the radioactive nuclide used in smoke alarms?
All Quarks:
Why is fusing deuterons difficult
Radioactive activity A =
Characteristic of leptons and their antiparticles 2:
When two deuterons fuse together, they form...
In Beta+ decay...
Week interaction is about a ... of the value of the strong nuclear force
Experiments that cannot induce radioactive decay 3:
Heavy particles are called:
Half-life is...
Experiments that cannot induce radioactive decay 2:
When alpha particles are fired through gold foil, how many are deflected?
Characteristic of leptons and their antiparticles 3:
How is fission of a nucleus of U-235 caused?
Fusion =
Fission =
Strong Nuclear Force Characteristic 3
What is the most common heavy element used in nuclear fission?
Weak interaction range
Average amount of surplus nucleons in fission reactions:
Fission: neutrons absorbed by other materials in the reactor:
What is the half-life of radioactive carbon-14?
What must be conserved in nuclear decay?
Radioactive activity =
Fission: What are used to control the rate of operation of remaining neutrons?
Which radioactive nuclide is used in smoke alarms?
Particles bigger than an electron but smaller than a proton are called:
Strong Nuclear Force Characteristic 4
Experiments that cannot induce radioactive decay 4:
One possible result of U-235 fission:
Light particles are called:
Characteristic of leptons and their antiparticles 1:
Energy is emitted as you tend towards nuclei with a nucleon number around what?
the decay constant lambda x the half-life t,1/2, =
Fission: neutrons absorbed by U-238 atoms:
Number of undecided nuclei present, N =
Radioactive activity measured in:
A source with a radioactive activity of 1 Bq...
Radioactive activity A =

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