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Can you name the notable events/leaders/landmarks of the modern Middle East Since 1900?

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Who invaded Afghanistan in 1979?
1930 report investigates settlement in Palestine
Rebel group that seized control of Kabul in 1996
President that launched an attack on Iran in 1980
1 of the 3 Countries ceding the 'Occupied Territories' to Israel
Location of PLO headquarters in 1982
Iranian Dynasty that ended in 1925
UN resolution declares Jerusalem 'separate body'
Major Israeli leader fell into a coma in 2006
1st Prime Minister of Israel
Date of Israeli Independence
1 of the 2 main countries dividing up Middle East after WW1
Founder of Al-Qaeda and 9/11 mastermind
Term for uprisings among PLO supporters inside Israel
International body created after WW1
International body that decided to partition Palestine in 1947
Initiated the Pahlavi Dynasty in Iran
Holiday war of 1973: both sides declare victory
2009: US began pulling troops out of this country
Coalition of oil producing nations.
System created after WW1 whereby Europeans aimed to prepare Arab nations for self-government.
Leader of PLO from 1969 to 2004
Site of pivotal 1948 massacre where over 100 Arabs were killed.
Location of the Ka'aba Stone (city)
600,000 people fled Israel in 1948 creating massive...
Remnant of the second temple of Jerusalem.
2nd Intifada sparked by an Israeli leader's visit to this mosque
Egyptian leader assassinated in 1981
1993 treaty that created the Palestinian National Authority
Movement to create a national home for Jews
1942 Declaration that made Zionist goals explicit (hint: NYC)
Iraq invaded this country in 1990.
Site of the Rock of Moriah.
Leader of the first Zionist Congress
Secretive UK-France treaty of 1916.
Current Palestinian Authority Leader
Obama addressed the Islamic world from this city (June 2009)
War hero a founder of the Republic of Turkey
Group of reformers that restored Turkish Constitution in 1908
Empire of the Middle East through early 1900s
British Declaration of 1917 supporting Jewish homeland in Palestine
Country that invaded Iraq in 2003
1950s Egyptian leader promoted Pan-Arabism
Control of this trade route led to 1956 war.
Winner of Arab-Israeli War of 1948
1978 Agreement between Israel & Egypt moderated by Carter
Natural Resource found in Iran in 1908
Current Prime Minister of Israel
Length of 1967 Israeli War that resulted in the 'Occupied Territories'
Religious leader of 1979 Iranian Revolution

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