Can you name all the CISTERNS of the cranial nerves?

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Can you name the Can you name all the CISTERNS of the cranial nerves??

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NerveCisternExtra Info
Olfactory Nerve I.N/A
Optic Nerve II.N/A
Oculomotor Nerve III.N/A
Trochlear Nerve IV. (1st Part)Initial Part
Trochlear Nerve IV (2nd Part)Encircling the brainstem
Trigeminal Nerve V.N/A
Abducens Nerve VI.N/A
NerveCisternExtra Info
Facial Nerve VII.N/A
Acoustic Nerve VIII.N/A
Glossopharyngeal Nerve IX.N/A
Vagus Nerve X.N/A
Accessory Nerve XI.N/A
Hypoglossal Nerve XII.N/A

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