A-Z Hogwarts landmarks

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Where Dumbledore is killedA
Home of the Giant SquidB
Home of the BasiliskC
'Troll in the ...'D
Where first years nervously await sortingE
Home of Aragog and FirenzeF
Feasts, Balls and ExamsG
Strictly only six visitors at a timeH
Tickle the pear to enterK
Fiercely guarded by Madam PinceL
Where the polyjuice potion is brewedM
Location of DivinationN
Home of Hedwig and PigwidgeonO
'A good place to mull things over'P
Location of the final Triwizard challengeQ
Walk past three timesR
Student area under the lakeS
Ron spends a long night in detention here whilst burping up slugsT
Decorated with cats and laceU
Bridge in the filmsV
Guards one of the passagewaysW

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