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Bob Falfa1973
Martin Stett1974
Han Solo1977
Ken Boyd1977
Lt. Col. Mike Barnsby1978
Colonel Lucas1979
David Halloran1979
Tommy Lillard1979
Han Solo1980
Indiana Jones1981
Rick Deckard1982
Han Solo1983
Indiana Jones1984
Det. Capt. John Book1985
Allie Fox1986
Dr. Richard Walker1988
Jack Trainer1988
Indiana Jones1989
Rusty Sabich1990
Henry Turner1991
Jack Ryan1992
Dr. Richard Kimble1993
Jack Ryan1994
Linus Larabee1995
Tom O'Meara1997
President James Marshall1997
Quinn Harris1998
Sgt. William Van Den Broeck1999
Dr. Norman Spencer2000
Alexei Vostrikov2002
Sgt. Joe Gavilan2003
Jack Stanfield2006
Indiana Jones2008
Max Brogan2009
Dr. Robert Stonehill2010
Mike Pomeroy2010

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