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Catch PhraseGame Show
Survey says!
Bachelor number one . . .
And the next item up for bids is . . . .
Who is buried in Grant's tomb?
Big bucks, no whammies!
I'd like to buy a vowel
Chucky baby!
Circle gets the square
Is it bigger than a bread box?
Making whoopee
Catch PhraseGame Show
Do you want to keep your door or trade it in for what's in the box?
Answer or physical challenge?
Going once, going twice, no sale!
Number one, what is your name?
You did not tell the truth. Therefore, you must pay the consequences.
Dumb Dora is so dumb . . .
Here's the game where knowledge is king and lady luck is queen!
Dollar values are doubled this round
For $10,000, here is your first subject.
Is that your final answer?

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