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Can you name the people, places, things with spring in the name?

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Physical and psychological conditions associated with the season
City in Seminole County Florida
Time of the season to tidy up
Vacation week for students
Archiving and compression utility for Mac
Seasonal love affair
City at the foot of Pikes Peak
Home of The Simpsons
Rock musical adaptation of German play by Frank Wedekind
Temperate season between winter and summer
Deodorant fragrance
Desert city in Riverside County California
Daylight savings (move up an hour)
Liveliness in the way you walk
Ex Cincinnati mayor turned trashy talk show host
Body of water heated by the Earth's crust
Name of Homer Simpson's security agency
Practices and exhibition games during preseason baseball
80s actor and singer best known for 'Jessie's Girl'
aka 'The Boss'

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