Star Fox (SNES) bosses

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Can you name the bosses that appear in Star Fox?

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StageBoss nameBoss description and Weapon
Corneria: The Base (Levels 1 and 2)'Advance Scout Mother Ship' / Missle Blaster
Asteroid Belt (Level 1) and Sector X'Asteroid Destroyer' / Laser
The Andross Space Armada'Planet Bomber' / Laser
The Battle Base Meteor'Spider Shaped Machine' / Fire Blaster
Venom: The Final Goal (Level 1)'Special Close Orbit Robot' / Laser
The Planet Titania'Master Computer' / Shadow Thruster
Sector Y'Hydrogen Harvester' / Plasma Spewer
Venom: The Final Goal (Level 2, atmosphere)'Super Gravity Powered' / Crush Attack
StageBoss nameBoss description and Weapon
Venom: The Final Goal (Level 2, surface)'Central Guard Machines' / Air Bikers
Corneria: The Base (Level 3)'Ground Supremacy Vehicle' / Plasma
Asteroid Belt (Level 3)'Space Station' / Web Attack
The Planet Fortuna'Primitive Dinosaur' / Fire Breath
Sector Z'Invasion Troop Carrier' / Laser
The Planet Macbeth'Light Speed Revolution' / Laser
Venom: The Final Goal (Level 3)'Final Battleship' / Laser (atmosphere) and Iron Balls (surface)
Venom: The Final Goal (all levels)[none] / Telekinesis

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