Which Is Larger?

Random Geography or world Quiz

Can you guess which of these geographical things is larger than the other?

Updated Mar 15, 2016

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1) France or 2) The US state of Texas?
New Zealand's 1) North Island or 2) South Island?
1) Lake Erie or 2) Lake Ontario? (surface area)
1) The 'Big Island' of Hawaii or 2) The rest of the Hawaiian Islands combined?
1) The United States or 2) Canada?
1) Greenland or 2) South America?
1) Colorado or 2) Wyoming?
1) Lesotho or 2) Swaziland?
1) The Sahara Desert or 2) Europe?
1) North Korea or 2) South Korea?
1) Haiti or 2) The Dominican Republic?
1) Ireland or 2) Madagascar?
1) The Amazon rainforest or 2) The Great Barrier Reef?
1) North America or 2) South America?
1) The Atlantic Ocean or 2) The Pacific Ocean?
1) The Arctic Ocean or 2) The Southern Ocean?

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