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Can you name the 187 50K+ German Cities Where Ones Within 50km Will Display?

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NOTES - Again we had an issue with data fields getting too long, so to resolve that for this quiz there are a couple EXTRA RULES: FIRST - the requirement goes down to *25 KM* instead of 50 for all cities WITHIN 50KM OF Düsseldorf...the Ruhr area has so many cities the data field were too long. Cities outside will fill in a city within 50km within this region however. SECOND - A handful of longer name cities very within 25km of Düsseldorf will not display Düsseldorf - just try another closeby city. Shouldn't affect things at all hopefully. FINALLY - TRY TO USE ENGLISH SPELLINGS, the most common ones on Sporcle - answer field sizes prevent me from adding many common German equivalents in many cases. If I missed an alternative spelling that FOR SURE needs to be added let me know and I'll try to. Sorry for the extra rules - had to do something though.
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