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LettersCreatureAppearance in Movies?/Description
FSW I/Largest animal on Naboo, used by the Gungans in war
DSW IV/Reptile, common form of transport on Tatooine, notably for Stormtroopers
RSW VI/One particular individual lived underneath Jabba's Palace
KSW IV/Seen as a skeleton on Tatooine
VSW III/Can run very fast, one notable individual is named Boga
GSW III/Large insectine creatures on Felucia
NSW II/Feline common in gladiatorial arenas
AStar Wars Episode II/6 sharp claws and common in gladiatorial arenas
HSW I - VI/Members of this species are often recognised as Crime Lords
SSW I/The largest creature on Naboo, lived underwater and was 160 - 200m
YNone/Small lizards that are able to repel the force
LSW III/Native to Mustafar, mounted by locals
LettersCreatureAppearance in Movies?/Description
ISW I/Live on the plains and swamps of Naboo
TSW V/Used as a common mode of transport across Hoth
JSW I - VI/Native to Tatooine!
USW V/Some worked in Cloud City, Bespin
MSW II/Often kept as a pet/guard dog by the Tusken Raiders
WSW V/Took Luke Skywalker to his cave
ESW I - III/Herbivore native to Tatooine, long snout
CSW I/Nightmarish creature found in Naboo's seas
ZNone/Rare alpha predators, huge, armoured quadrupeds
BSW I - IV and VI/Easily domesticated, found on Tatooine.
PSW I/Reptavian native to Naboo
OSW I/Lives in the depths of Naboo

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