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'Life is a box of chocolates and my name is Forrest Gump!'
'My parents took it to their room and I started peeping.'
'I've got my swim trunks.... and my flippy-floppys'
'It was a bunch of old white people dancing.'
'Imma make your Momma do a million poses'
'We like Sports and we don't care who knows'
'Eat a bagel'
'Mark Walburg is wearing a hat'
'I need a few things from the grocery, do things alone now mostly.'
'Your mom says hi...Jinx!'
'The Best 30 seconds of my life.'
'Im not gonna get you a diamond ring.'
'Wake up in the Late afternoon.'
'Shibidi bop bop buda bop bop'
'Hanging like my nuts
'I don't need your hand-outs...I'm an adult!!'

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