Assassins Creed Targets

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Black Market Merchant
Master of the Hospitalier Knights
Slave Trader
Merchant King
Regent, Liege Lord
Liege Lord
Jubair Al Hakim
Leader of the Docks and the Teutonic Knights
King Richards Lieutenant
Master of the AssassinsMaster of the Assassins
Bankers in Florence
Noble, Banker
Uberto AlbertiGonfaloniere di Giustizia, Executer of the Ordinances of Justic, Traitor
Leader of the Italian Templars, Noble
Member of the Supreme tribunal of Venice, State Inquisitor, Noble
Noble, Doge of Venice
Personal Bodygaurd to the Doge of Venice
Noble, Member of the council of TenMerchant Guild Leader, Noble
Merchant Guild Leader, Noble

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