International Relations of the Civil War

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Can you name the International Relations during the Civil War ?

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Book that made Europe want to aid the North?
Country that depended on Cotton mightily?
The two countries that increased cotton production during this time?
What crop was the North producing heavily during this time?
The British mail steamer that was stopped for carrying two Confederate Diplomat's?
The country that British troops were going to in case a war broke out with the Union?
Lincoln called the captured Confederate Diplomat's what?
Event Answer
The ship controlled by commerce-raiders that attacked Union ships?
Britain became the chief naval base for who?
Yankee merchant men called the raiding ship what?
The tool used by the Union to produce grain at a faster rate?
How many yankee ships were destroyed by commerce-destroyers?
Many people in Britain were...?
Who convinced the British government to stop making Confederate ship?

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