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Area at front of parietal lobe; registers and processes body touch and movement sensations
Lies at rear of frontal lobe; controls voluntary movements
Part of limbic system, fear and aggression
Part of limbic system, controls body temperature, libido, hunger, thirst, endocrine system, biological rhythms; pleasure center, reward center
Connects hindbrain with midbrain and forebrain; control of facial expressions
A nerve cell
Helps control arousal, filters stimuli going to thalamus and relays information to other areas
Layer of fatty tissue encasing fibers of neurons; enables greater transmission speed of neural impulses
Neurons that carry outgoing information from the brain and spinal cord to muscles and glands
Part of limbic system, receives sensory signals from spinal cord and sends them to other areas of the brain
Lies at top of head and toward rear; receives sensory information (touch and body position)
Lies behind forehead; speaking, muscle movements, making plans, judgment
Part of limbic system, new memories, before storage
Neurons that carry incoming information from sensory receptors to brain and spinal cord
Junction between axon tip of one neuron and dendrite of another; small gap
Bushy, branching extensions of a neuron
Controls blood pressure, heart rate, breathing
Extension of a neuron, ending in branching fibers
'Little brain'; habitual muscle movements, basic biological functions
Pathway of neural fibers to and from brain, controls reflexes
Connects brain's hemispheres; removal can stop seizures
Neurons within the brain and spinal cord
Oldest part and central core of brain, responsible for automatic survival functions
Neural system associated with emotions and drives
Lies at back of head; receives information from visual fields
Bundled axons that form neural 'cables'
Chemical messengers that cross synaptic gaps between neurons; bind to receptor sites on receiving neuron
Master endocrine gland
Lies above ears; includes auditory areas, each side receives information from opposite ear
Covers hemispheres, ultimate control and information-processing center

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