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Salem interp: Ergotism, disease/mental disorders
early 19th c., sparked Jacksonians, includes temperance and abolition movements
late 20th c., predicted communal, Judeo-Christian communism (wrong)
1st lense, religion (4 waves)
2nd lense, religion (competition and strictness)
Salem interp: predestination was stressful and Indian attacks scarred the psyche
3rd lense, religion (oldest, most discredited)
4th lense, religion (deconstructs Puritan lens)
late 19th c., amid industrialization, sparked progressivism
Salem interp: Salem Possessed (nissenbaum and boyer), village-town friction
5th lense, religion (coexisting dichotomy)
Salem interp: witchcraft possible and sinners justly eliminated to remove judgment from community
Salem interp: conspiracy by religious leaders
book by Finke and Stark on religious competition
Salem interp: most accused were women, were gaining in society/needed to be marginalized
early 18th c., heavily Protestant, sparked pre-Revolutionary dissent

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